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How can therapy help?


Every individual has choices, concerns, and problems beyond his or her control. Although we can often work through issues with the help of family and friends, sometimes we need a different perspective and a more professional approach.


Our goal is to assist you in improving your quality of life. Together we can identify and deal with barriers to mental and emotional well being, increasing your sense of self-esteem and enjoyment of life.

Individual counseling

In individual therapy, Stacey Kidder, MSW, LCSW works collaboratively with each client to identify problems, explore feelings, work through challenges, and set goals so that the individual can move toward the change he or she desires.


Relationship counseling

Relationship counseling may be the answer if partners feel that their bond is in some kind of trouble: frequent arguments that seem to go nowhere or become cruel, the connection has gone stale, the couple seems to be leading such separate lives that they no longer feel like a couple. Or the two people have a major issue—infidelity, money, sex, parenting styles—that they cannot agree on.


In relationship counseling, each partner receives equal time, attention, and understanding. Relationship works focuses on the health and success of the relationship as opposed to the individual’s personal concerns.




Family/blended-family counseling

Family relationships are a critical factor in psychological health. If your family dynamic becomes unbalanced, it can create friction and frustration for all involved. Our goal is to help improve communication and the emotional connection among family members so that the family can recover and function successfully for all its members.



Group counseling

Group sessions offer a collaborative approach that helps clients see that they are note alone—others have similar experiences and feelings. The group aids in the healing process through sharing both the difficulties and the successes each member experiences.


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